Project proposal template: how to write a project proposal

Any research, business activity and project, requires a minimum preparation and planning. In different fields and domains, a project proposal is a document that seeks to address key questions surrounding a project. A project proposal clearly describes what your project hopes to accomplish, the project objectives and how you intend to achieve them.

You may be wondering how you can write a good project proposal either for academic purpose, business or request for funding for your project or your organization!

Today we are going to show you different parts that shall be included in a project proposal:


1) Project title

The project title is the name given to your project. A proper project title should describe the whole assignment in one sentence. It helps to refer the project with the assigned name and project objectives. Project titles makes you to understand the main goal of the project work and expected key deliverables.

2) Background

In this part develops where your project title derives, why you got interested in the project, and how you plan to develop the business activities. In the research proposal, the background section of a research paper explains to the reader where your research journey started, why you got interested in the topic, and how you developed the research question that you will later specify. It will also include the background study for a thesis includes a review of the area being researched, current information surrounding the issue, previous studies on the issue, and relevant history on the issue.

3) Problem statement/Need assessment

In research often use the term problem statement, but in project management we use the term need assessment. Both terms indicate the identification and description of the problem to be solved and addressed by the research or the project. Need assessment include information about the needs of populations or groups in communities. Need assessment describes the relevance of the project or the research.

Project proposal template: how to write a project proposal

4) Objectives: General objectives and specific objectives

The project objectives indicate the aim of a project. The objectives indicate what the project want to accomplish. In both research proposal and in proposal for project it is necessary to indicate the general objective and the specific objectives. General objective is a broader statement about what the project aims to achieve and specific objectives are detailed objectives that describe what will be achieved by the project or the research.

5) Methodology

In different types of research, methodology is a part where you are describing your research question and the type of data you used in answering the research questions. In the part of methodology, you indicate why this type of data is appropriate, relevant, and important to the question being asked. You will then explain your process of data collection, how you will analyze data and how you will report the research findings.

In project proposal and in project fore expression of interest, methodology mainly focus on how you will perform the required activities. It also better to indicate the timeline and different techniques you will use to achieve the expected results.

6) Project activities

In this part you will explain and details the activities you are planning for your project. In this point you provide detailed activities, how you will perform them and if possible, indicate the involved stakeholders and partners.

In arranging the activities of any projects, you have to put an order, being chronological or scope order in order to ensure the project reader has a complete image about the project.

7) Timeline and roadmap

Every project proposal must have a plan and roadmap of activities. After defining and describing the project activities, you will have to indicate when the activities will be done. The roadmap and timeline re mostly shown in a table or chart showing activities and the time they will be completed in days, weeks, months, years….

8) Project budget

This is the important part of the project proposal where you will indicate the cost of the planned activities. It is the part where you will show how much money and other resources you will need to complete the project.

In order to prepare a good budget, it is advised to make real estimate without imagining unreal sum of money. In this context you have to have much information about the items indicated in the budget and how they really cost in your currency.

The project must also define the expected result, the Project durability and sustainability, the Project impact to the community and to the beneficiary and the environment impact of the project.



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