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What as a company profile?

The company profile is the overview of your company or your business. In most of the cases, the Company or business profile highlights the historical background of the company, the activities and services of the companies, the achievements of the company and the projections of the company.

How a company profile is written?

Generally, a good company profile must be brief and precise. It must be written as an introduction to the company that tell people what the company is about. According to the experts in drafting company profiles, a good company profile must be between one or two pages. When it exceeds one or two, it become less precise.

Keep in mind that you do not have to list all data and figures in one company profile. That will not make for an interesting read. You should aim to tell a story that communicates your unique activities and services or proposition and explains why potential clients should work with you or why people should use or buy your services.

What are the main components of a company profile?

Writing a company profile is not as easy as you think it might be. It requires much expertize and much comprehension about the company.

Here are some key elements that may be included in any company or business profile:

1) Start with telling the historical background

In this point, you tell the story of how the idea of creating your company came; you tell how far the company came and how you created the company. You simply tell the story of your company in few words. This will help potential clients to have more connections with your company.

2) Indicate your mission and vision

In this point, you have to define your purpose, your mission and your vision. This is the point where you define the reason for being of your company. It is where you show the problem that your business want to solve and how you intend to solve it.

3) Describe your products and services

This is the very important point where you tell people about your services and your products. In this part, you describe your products and services, how you make them, their components. You also have to indicate the particularities and qualities of your products in order to attract the clients. Write a comprehensive description of what your company offers. Explain top products and services, why you created them, and how they can help your customers or clients.

4) Indicate your contacts

Show to people how they can reach you. In this section, you show the physical location, your addresses and your website. Showing your addresses to the clients will build trust and will help increase the number of clients for your business.

5) Mention your achievements and recognitions

In drafting the company profile, it is also important to indicate some of your achievements and activities you have excellently accomplished. If there are awards, certificates and recognitions you have received as a company, you can also mention them in your company profile.

6) Talk about the competences of your staff

It is also important to indicate the qualities and qualification of your staff in a company profile. This may also increase trust towards your company and your services.

7) Call to action

Every company profile must end with a call to action. It may be encouraging your customers to buy your services or products, calling the donors to support your company or NGO, calling bank or stakeholders to fund your company’s activities, etc.




Company profile template DOC

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