University of Rwanda call for submission of innovative business concepts

The University of Rwanda (UR), the African Center of Excellence in Internet of Things (ACEIoT) has won a grant to implement the project entitled “IoT and AI Applied Research Results Commercialization Through Incubation Hub”. The project is funded by Research and Innovation Systems for Africa (RISA), a program of the UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office that aims to strengthen research and innovation ecosystems in Africa. The project will be implemented in collaboration with FabLab, Narada LTD, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) in Ghana and other stakeholders for strengthening the academia-industry collaboration. The hub will provide required technical and entrepreneurship capacity for students to transform their research into viable ventures for commercialization and creating new startups.


The hub has the following overall objectives:

 -Facilitate the Technology/knowledge Transfer from university to Industries

-Provision of required resources, infrastructure and knowledge through professional training to incubates.

-Support in developing new solutions which address societal challenges and reduce poverty.

-Linking incubates with the industry for job opportunities and creating start-ups.

-Strengthening Academia-Industry collaboration

This call for innovative business concepts invites UR students in the STEM programs, interested UR alumni female entrepreneurs and UR students living with disabilities who have innovative ideas are highly recommended to submit their business concepts for a collaborative effort to develop a Minimum viable product that might fit the market needs and solve society’s challenges.

The deadline for submission is set for 27th February 2023 at 5PM, Kigali time.

 All business concepts should be submitted through this link (CLICK HERE)

For any additional information, clarifications, or inquiry, you can contact the Head of the IoT and AI Hub through these emails. and Tel: 0787394447 and Tel 078843341 For more information, please visit the website:



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