Application for the AgriPitch Competitions 2022

The Africa Development Bank (AFDB) invites African youth Agripreneurs to the AgriPitch Competition. The competition aims to support Agripreneurs focusing on building the profitability of their businesses and becoming investment ready.

Selected Agripreneurs will be trained and mentored in an interactive and tailored two-week training program to prepare them for presenting their businesses to investors. Participants will access virtual training sessions covering product development, marketing, business management logistics, revenue channel identification, and investment readiness. Additionally, winning Agripreneurs will have access to a total grant pool of USD 140,000 at the end of the competition.

The competition is open for three categories of youth Agripreneurs, including early startups (at least 3 years), mature startups (more than 3 years), and women-empowered businesses. Interested participants must fulfill the eligibility criteria depending on their category.

For early startups, they must:

-Be at the very early stage of developing ideas or concepts for Agripreneurship

-Have a clearly defined prototype or proof of concept or a product introduced to the market

For mature startups, they must:

-Have market traction with an existing product, technology, or service already in the market

-Have a clear investment growth strategy or plan

-Be a legally registered corporate entity

For women-empowered businesses, they must:

-Meet eligibility requirements for either early startups or mature startups

-Have a women founder or have women owning at least 51% of the business

The Deadline for application is November 4th 2022.



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