Serengeti Energy Call for Application for the Umoja Incubator

Serengeti Energy is Calling all independent power producers in Sub-Saharan Africa to apply to the 2022 Umoja Incubator.

Applicant must have a renewable energy project that needs acceleration. Applicants will benefit project funding and will get technical skills and industry knowledge in renewable energy.

The Umoja Incubator addresses this situation by linking up strong early-stage renewable energy projects with access to development capital. Serengeti Energy has a solid ground presence, strong market knowledge and track record in developing and bringing renewable energy projects to markets.

Eligibility conditions:

In order to be eligible to participate in the incubator program, the project you present must adhere to the following rules:

Be submitted by its owner(s) or (jointly “owners”) or by its/their representatives

-Be located in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA)

-Not be located in a protected area as defined by IFC Performance Standard 6 and IUCN

-Use renewable energy technology (wind, solar and hydro only) with a size between 3MW-50MW and limited to a maximum of 25MW for hydro power projects

-Have passed the “idea stage” and at a minimum an MOU or EOI

-Have a viable offtake strategy and be located in a country with policies and regulations allowing IPPs

-Up to 30MW for hydro with little or small community impact as possible


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