ICT Innovation Center Startup and training opportunity

ICT Innovation Center Startup provides diverse benefits to startup entrepreneurs including:

-Free office Space allowing startups people to find a professional space for their employees.

-Specialized equipment like computers, some software, printers and labs helping scaling business in their infancy.

-Experienced mentors to help entrepreneurs stay focused through process explanation, planning, and decision criteria to avoid critical mistakes.

-A community for connecting with customers and learning from others experience.

ICT Innovation Center Startup incubation support program is now open for people having business or business ideas in the following fields:

-Mobile APPS



-e-sport / Gaming apps

-Film making

The selection process will be based on the following:

-Identify passionate, values-driven, and committed people.

-Focus on business concepts with the highest realizable potential.

-Problem identification, potential ability to solve it well and its impact on society.

-Individual or Team involvement in the startup.

Training program.

Mission: Promotion of high skilled Jobs.

A. Image editing program training:

The training on image editing will focus on the specialized skills required for being a qualified image editor, as follows:

Cut outs: Take care of a large number of high-quality cut outs

Alpha-masking: Extracting the finest of image elements like fur, feathers, hair, eyelashes, smoke and mist using so-called soft masking.

Multi-path: This professional color masking technology allows to showcase the different colors and styles of products without having to re-shoot furniture, textiles or other in industrial products in different colors and textures

Retouching: Eliminating Disturbing elements and irregularities, scratches, reflection or shadows.

Color Correction: Accurate color reproduction remains one of the greatest challenges in professional photography.

B. Film making.

1. Storytelling and script writing

2. Concepts of cinematography

3. Editing

4. Color correction

5. Sound recording and mixing

6. Concepts of photography

7. Motion graphic and visual effect.

C. Digital Game development:

1. Develop the ability to design a High Concept Design and create a game design document(GDD) based on your own ideas.

2. Understanding and ability of digital game development through the entire process of creating 2D & 3D game.

3. Utilize the engine for game development, understanding game production process through game client program using Unity game engine.


Duration will be 3 months for trainings, and 8 months for startups.

Application Process:

15th June 2022: Applications Opens.

22nd June 2022: Applications Due.

For more Information you can call 0788439424/0731000304 or guerichon.munezero@rdb.rw


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